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Great Lakes Advocacy

Goals The Great Lakes are threatened by invasive species, pollution, and emerging commercial aquaculture proposals, creating a need for state and federal policies that protect the Great Lakes and sustained public funding for Great Lakes restoration efforts. Adding to the challenge, political shifts at state and federal levels have made it more difficult to uphold

Great Lakes Workgroup

There is 21 % of the world’s freshwater contained within the boundaries of the Great Lakes. In fitting with Trout Unlimited’s Mission Statement to protect, restore, reconnect, and sustain coldwater fisheries, the Great Lakes NLC Workgroup (GLWG) is bringing to light the many complex issues affecting the Great Lakes Region. In doing so, the GLWG

Great Lakes Stream Restoration

Goals: With more than 20 percent of the Earth’s available freshwater flowing through its rivers, streams and lakes, the Great Lakes basin is an unparalleled natural resource. An immense network of coldwater rivers and streams exists, among many other important aquatic ecosystems, providing anglers with a variety of unique opportunities. Whether it is fishing for

Restoration drives advocacy in the Great Lakes, thankfully

Many conservation organizations are great at on-the-ground habitat restoration. Others excel at policy advocacy. Trout Unlimited is one of the few that shine at both. Our recipe for success is simple. We take the results and good will generated by the partnerships, relationships, and in many cases, friendships created through our restoration work, and use

Bipartisan effort needed to protect Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

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By Taylor Ridderbusch   For the third consecutive year, the Trump Administration’s budget proposal looks to cut critical programs that protect and restore coldwater resources and that form the foundation of multi-billion dollar commercial and recreational fishing economies.   The proposal would significantly cut funding to the EPA and other agencies, essentially eliminating programs such as the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI), Section

TU supports Kildee bills to protect Great Lakes from commercial aquaculture

CONTACTS:Taylor Ridderbusch/ TU Great Lakes Organizer, 715-313-0001 Bryan Burroughs/ Michigan TU Executive Director,, 517-599-523 (Feb. 9) FENTON, Mich. Trout Unlimited applauds Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee, D-Flint, for introducing legislation that will protect the Great Lakes and designated Wild and Scenic rivers from the harmful impact of commercial aquaculture operations. The Ban Aquaculture in

TU getting things done in the Great Lakes region

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I recently spoke about Trout Unlimited’s conservation work to a small gathering of anglers, most of whom had been Trout Unlimited members at some point but had drifted away and lost touch.    They were surprised to learn that TU had grown to become an organization with 300,000 members and supporters who dedicate more than 700,000 volunteer hours annually, a

Survey shows support for Asian carp protection measures

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Above: Asian carp threaten the economically vital fisheries of the Great Lakes. Below: Filter-feeding carp could devastate Great Lakes steelhead and salmon, and the opportunities to fish for them. By Taylor Ridderbusch A recently completed survey shows that an overwhelming number of Great Lakes residents support immediate action to build structural protections to keep Asian

TU troubled by proposed elimination of Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

CONTACT: TAYLOR RIDDERBUSCH / Trout Unlimited Great Lakes Organizer / 715-313-0001 (March 16, 2017) ARLINGTON, Va. Trout Unlimited is deeply troubled by the Trump administrations proposed FY 2018 budget, which would eliminate critical programs that protect and restore coldwater resources and that form the foundation of multi-billion dollar commercial and recreational fishing economies. The

Art exhibit highlights Great Lakes ecosystem

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Coaster brook trout oil painting by Alexis Rockman The Great Lakes are one of the most important natural treasures in the world, holding 20 percent of the earth’s fresh water and forming an interconnected system that is among the most beautiful, economically significant and ecologically complex regions on the planet. In January 2018 the Grand

A vision for the Great Lakes: healthy waters and connected communities

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Trout Unlimited starts off 2022 with a new strategic direction, building on the great work that we have been doing. Under this new plan Trout Unlimited is building a foundation for the future of healthy waters and healthy fish on the strength of whole communities committed to their care and recovery across generations.     Our

Video Spotlight: The Daily Show dives into Great Lakes challenges

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How do you take a fairly mundane subject (for most folks) like the health of the Great Lakes and make it interesting? Have the folks at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah tackle it. In this segment, Daily Show “correspondent” — yeah, he’s actually a stand-up comedian — MIchael Kosta connects with Dan Egan to,

Congress seeks reauthorization, funding for GLRI

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By Taylor Ridderbusch On Friday, both the House and Senate introduced bills to reauthorize and increase funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI).  The identical bills would reauthorize the program for five more years and incrementally increase the funding level from $300 million to $475 million, which was the original funding level for the

Newsletter highlights successes in Great Lakes region

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Trout Unlimited continues to increase its efforts in the Great Lakes region. The past year saw a wide range of success across the “Protect, Reconnect, Restore and Sustain” components of our mission. Projects included habitat restoration of more than 17 miles of high-priority coldwater streams and improving/replacing several barriers to fish passage to open additional

Illinois TU applauds Chicago’s support of Brandon Road Asian carp plan

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Illinois Trout Unlimited would like to thank Mayor Rahm Emanuel for adding the City of Chicago to the Great Lakes Basin Partnership to Block Asian Carp. Also signed by Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Ontario, the partnership seeks to stop the spread of Asian carp to Lake Michigan through the implantation of the US Army Corps

Jeff Blood’s White Death

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It’s steelhead season, although here in the Northwest, most folks aren’t nearly as excited about it as they used to be thanks to dismal fish returns in the Columbia River system—it’s an unfortunate recurring theme for anglers in the region who are helplessly watching our prized ocean-going fish dwindle seemingly every season. But for those


Founded by recent college graduate Jackson Riegler, threats to the Great Lakes watershed inspired him to create “Oshki”, meaning “fresh” in Native American Ojibwe. Growing up in West Michigan, he was passionate about the Great Lakes from a young age. As he grew in his education, he decided to start a sustainable apparel company that