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TU Event Printshop from Trout Unlimited on Vimeo.

The new TU Event Printshop provides you with an easy-to-use and affordable way to print high-quality, beautifully designed posters, flyers, postcards, tickets and more.

These print products are easy for you to personalize with your chapter’s event information. Whether you are promoting your upcoming chapter fundraiser, hosting a family fishing day, or planning a conservation project, the posters, postcards, tickets and other print materials you can design and print in the TU Event Printshop are sure to help you fill seats, draw a larger attendance and promote your work in your community.

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Getting the word out about your chapter’s events is one of the best ways to grow your membership, engage volunteers and increase the impact of your conservation, education and fundraising efforts. Imagine, for your next event, you could use the TU Event Printshop to print posters to place in local fly shops, on library bulletin boards or in other community locations such as grocery stores, town halls and community centers. You could also print postcards to leave on fly shop counters, at local diners and delis and in other locations where potential members and attendees are sure to see them. The possibilities are limitless.

Questions and Support
For questions, or help using the TU Event Printshop, contact:

Jeff Yates
Director of Volunteer Operations
(203) 216-7078


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