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    Trout tips: The Mend

    We often make fly fishing more complicated than we need to. A good example of that is mending our fly line to get a better, more natural drift as our flies work their way downstream. Often, as TU's Kirk Deeter points out in the video below, our mends are too jerky or move the flies…

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    Fly tying: The Navy Diver

    I've always been a fan of tungsten in my fly tying. For some reason, I just tend to cast heavy nymphs and streamers better when the weight is at the fly, instead of pinched onto the line as split shot or paste. It's a personal preference, I suspect, and it works for me. I especially…

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    Trout Tips: Casting from a tight spot

    We've all been there. The fish are rising on the far bank, and you can reach them ... if only you had enough room behind you for a backcast. But you don't. What to do? In the video above, TU's Kirk Deeter demonstrates a simple technique borrowed from spey casters that simply helps you get…

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    Fly tying: The Rusty Rat

    When I first started tying my own flies, I became infatuated with Atlatic salmon flies, even though, in the heart of Colorado's Arkansas Valley, there wasn't an Atlantic salmon within 2,000 miles that wasn't lyling flat on ice in a grocery store. There was just something about the art of it all. The colors. The…

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    Trout Tips: Don’t drop the rod tip

    Fly casting is an inexact science for most folks—we all have our little quirks and bad habits that tend to eke into our fishing, particularly during times of fatigue, or when action is fast and getting flies on the water is important. One bad habit I'm guilty of possessing is the one that my buddy…

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    Trout Tips: The false cast

    False casting is a necessary evil for fly casters, but it's important to realize that it serves several purposes. First, if you're fishing dry flies, it helps dry your fly and keep the fly floating longer during a fishing session. Second, as TROUT Magazine Editor Kirk Deeter demonstrates in this week's edition of Trout Tips,…