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    Roundtable: What are you doing to protect trout during the heatwave?

    We asked a host of Trout Unlimited anglers what they’re doing in response to the heat in order to give trout a break this summer

    When rivers are too warm to safely chase trout, consider other species, like pike and bass. Chris Hunt photo. Editor’s note: The West is amid its worst drought in decades, and the Southwest is suffering through its worst drought in recorded history. Trout in the West are feeling the pain — the Colorado River’s upper…

  • Trout Talk

    The Brood X hatch? Big deal … or a nothing burger?

    I don’t live in an area that saw the once-in-seventeen-year “Brood X’ cicada hatch.  And I’m not sure if I’m happy about that, or jealous of those of you who did get the cicadas. I saw them on television, landing on the President’s neck, even grounding the White House press plane for a while. My friends…

  • Trout Talk

    What’s your best day ever?

    Could you put a finger on your best day ever fishing? I know exactly when mine was, well at least so far. My dad and brother were visiting us in Glenwood Springs to fish for a few days in early fall. The weather was cool and crisp in the mornings leading to temperatures I live…

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    A floating hot tub, snow-kayaking and a real paper canoe

    When your life revolves around the fishing industry, creating boat content for a conservation organization, and maintaining a few too many boats of your own, you come across some pretty funny and entertaining stuff on the internet. This week I thought I'd share what I've stumbled across recently. Enjoy! The first is just genius. It's…