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    The coronavirus may change fishing as we know it

    Ironically, 2020 is “The Year of the Rat.” Given how 2020 has unfolded so far, I actually consider that to be an insult to rats. But we are seeing some lifting of the pandemic fog where I live in Colorado and in many other places around the country—and fishing definitely stands to be affected… for…

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    Fishing in Yellowstone will be a little different this year

    There will be some changes to fishing in Yellowstone this summer, at least at the beginning of the season.

    Fishing the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.

    Opening day for angling in Yellowstone National Park is traditionally the Saturday before Memorial Day (this year, it falls on May 23), and that's not changing in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. But, according to Linda Veress of the park's public affairs office, only rivers and streams in the park's southern half will be…

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    A rod’s length between us

    It was the squid boats at sundown that did it for me. I had been holding on to a lot of tension. I knew this. Much of it was linked to my recent move halfway across the state. But most of the ways that I usually deal with stress involve activities, including fishing, that have…

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    Chance to go back to school a lockdown surprise

    By Mark Taylor  In normal times, as winter’s gray turns to spring’s green, those of us who love to fish would be eager to get on the water.  But these aren’t normal times, which has forced many of us to change our ways. When allowed by lockdown mandates, some of us are still fishing, close to…