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    Rainbows and unicorns

    Have I mentioned the water is low? Dismally low, but maybe there's hope on the horizon. Agricultural producers saw their fields soak up every bit of moisture from last winter’s snow, and now with no monsoon season and hot, dry, windy conditions, things are looking bad. Leaves are starting the change early and the crunch of…

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    Drought and trout

    There are many demands on water, especially in the West. Municipal water for drinking and other human uses, agricultural water to grow our food, recreational water to keep a thriving outdoor recreation industry afloat and numerous others. And all are important for the economy and our lives and livelihoods, but in the West, it is clear there is not enough to go…

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    Climate change and Nevada’s Walker Lake

    The relationship between fish, people and water in Nevada is a sordid tale, with Walker Lake, nestled in the western corner of the state, as a particularly interesting character.  Walker Lake historically sustained one of the few lake-form populations of Lahontan cutthroat trout, growing large predatory trout similar to the much-famed Pyramid Lake just to…