Green River

  • Restoration Advocacy

    Colorado River Cutthroat restoration in the Green River watershed getting a boost from BLM

    Close up of small fish with hook in its mouth

    TU, BLM ink $8.867 million partnership for watershed restoration across the West. For over a decade, Nick and Hilary Walrath have been a power couple of Wyoming water restoration, working with landowners, universities, state and federal agencies, and local contractors to restore and enhance the Green River watershed where they call home. Both raised in…

  • Conservation

    A boom for trout (and taxpayers)

    New drilling policies are a win for fish and wildlife. Now we need to modernize oil and gas leasing rules on public lands. Last month, as part of landmark climate legislation, Congress acted for the first time in decades to modernize the outdated oil and gas leasing program on our public lands. The reforms signed…

  • Community

    Honoring a lost angling mentor

    Inspired by a fly fishing camp for kids that Jackson Hole guide Spencer Morton ran for years, Beckett Maher founded a local stream cleanup crew for teenagers.

    In memory of the beloved founder of the Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School, local teenagers are cleaning up waters he cherished Last May, we lost John Spencer “Spence” Morton, founder of the Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School. He was only 38, but he left many indelible moments with so many in the community, not to…

  • American Places Featured

    Muscle memory on the Green River

    It had been 10 years since I’d held a paddle.   My previous canoeing experience had consisted of gliding across the glassy lakes of the Sierra Nevada. And while Lake Tahoe and Lake Lahontan could become treacherous in a storm, they did not represent the intrinsic peril of the swift, boney river onto which I was about to embark.   There have been many times in my…

  • Boats Featured

    When in doubt, scout it out

    There comes a time in our rowing careers where we find a groove. We've been there and rowed that many times over the course of 10 years or more. That experience level may make us more proficient at rowing trickier water but it can also make us all a bit overconfident which can lead to…

  • Boats Featured

    Bring your snorkel

    Getting up close and personal with Green River trout The beauty of being perched on a boat headed downstream is the unique ability to see into the water below. Each Labor Day, our family and friends like to float Utah’s famous Green River below the Flaming Gorge dam. Often dubbed the “Aquarium,” the crystal-clear waters…

  • Trout Talk

    Fishing and filming to ‘Escape’ the pain

    “I knew the bugs would be smashed up against the bank and the angle and light would all be just right, but I was in pain. I ended up arguing with myself but seeing the shot already in mind forced me to get up and be a functioning human being. I knew if I didn’t go then, I would miss it. Things couldn’t have worked out any better. I owe that to the river.”

    Autoimmune disease spurs new fishing film featured in the Fly Fishing Film Tour Anglers are often heard saying, “I have to go fishing”. The statement isn’t just an excuse to get on the water when Ryan Kelly says it — it’s a fact of life.  And since he has to go fishing to keep his…