TU Brand & Messaging


The Trout Unlimited logo is the most immediate representation of our organization, our members and our brand to the rest of the world. It is our most valuable brand asset and therefore must be used consistently within the proper brand guidelines.


This zip file includes all the necessary files to provide a vendor for print projects using our logo, as well as a README.pdf document that explains which files to use for various print applications in our logo guidelines document.

Many of these files (.eps, .tif, .psd) require professional-grade software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) to view, open or edit. They are intended to be distributed to professional print shops and designers.

Download print logos.


PNG is the preferred format for using our logo online and in other digital applications, but you can also find JPG’s below if they are requested. Choose your format and color from the chart below, or download a zip file containing all sizes and versions. (To download the logos, simply click on the one you’d like to use; then when the image of the logo loads, right click on it and then select save image as.)

Extra largedownloaddownload

If your vendor requests a vector version of our logo to be used in an online or digital project, please provide them with this file.

Powerpoint Templates

This template is provided to help you build TU-branded presentations.

Download Powerpoint Template.


Mrs Eaves, Rockwell and Gill Sans may all be purchased online at MyFonts.com via the links below or through other similar online font companies.

Mrs Eaves Roman, Italic and Small Caps 
Rockwell Bold & Bold Italic 
Gill Sans Bold and Bold Italic


Imagery is a powerful tool to tell your compelling story whether it is on a flyer, your social media presence or otherwise. Consider choosing images that impart your chapter’s goals and mission by being thoughtful about the image content. Peruse eligible TU images or search by keyword, note image name (e.g. “JD1_9093.jpg”) and then contact Volunteer Operations Coordinator Nick Halle for emailed files. Below are image archives available for public use as well.

USFWS Copyright Free Digital Archives

USFS Copyright Free Historical Photography Archive