Grassroots Workgroup

Grassroots NLC Workgroup

The mission of the Grassroots workgroup is to continuously assess and assist effectiveness of our chapters and councils and to develop tools and resources for improvement. The workgroup helps develop new charter models to meet TU needs.

In 2017, the workgroup created a capacity building initiative based around the “capacity” critical focus area. Their work is summarized here in this capacity reel.

In 2015, the workgroup implemented significant revisions to the Chapter Effectiveness Index (CEI) and the workgroup intends to develop a Council Effectiveness Guide. Both of these tools are designed to help chapters and councils improve effectiveness to engage, retain and develop their grassroots membership. The challenge is to make the tools relevant, easy to use and provide our leaders with concise and accurate data that will allow them to better serve the diverse needs of the grassroots.

Going forward the workgroup will be looking to provide additional tools that will build organizational capacity.


Committee Members

Chair: Vacant

TU Staff Contacts: Beverly Smith, Jeff Yates

Grassroots Resources

This is the message map provided by the NLC Grassroots Workgroup.