New Initiatives Workgroup

New Initiatives NLC Workgroup

Receives and evaluates proposals for changes to the National Conservation Agenda; evaluates major issues facing TU and explores potential solutions to those issues;  solicits, evaluates and nominates new grassroots members of the Board of Trustees (for election by TU members);  nominates NLC officers and Embrace-A-Stream committee members (for election by NLC representatives).


Committee Members

Chair, Mark Dillow, Texas
Ed Allgeier, Kentucky
James Fraser, Oregon
Malcolm Leaphart, South Carolina
Joe Miller, Arizona
Marshall Pendergrass, Colorado
Scott Seidman, New York
Graham Simmerman, Virginia
Bob Sodders, Iowa
Werner Studer, Wyoming
David Van Burgel, Maine
Brian Wagner, Pennsylvania

TU Staff Contacts: Beverly Smith, Steve Moyer 

New Initiatives Resources

This is the message map provided by the NLC New Initiatives Workgroup.