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    Artists in conservation

    TU is hosting its first-ever Artists in Conservation week

    An illustrator starts with a line, a photographer begins with light and a filmmaker may begin with documenting critical words from an educated voice.   Beginnings may be obscure, but the end goal is clear. Their art exists to put us in a place. It forms a connection. It tells a story. Art evokes emotion and emotion leads us to take action. Since the…

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    Celebrate #EarthDayAtHome with TU

    Celebrating #EarthDayAtHome as we stay safe during the pandemic

    Earth Day is turning 50 on April 22, and we should all be outside together picking up trash, planting trees, teaching kids about conservation and celebrating our shared commitment to a better future. But we can't. Millions of Americans are reeling from the challenges, pain and loss of COVID-19 and trapped in self-imposed isolation, state-mandated…

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    To fish or not to fish during the outbreak

    Can we safely go fishing during the outbreak? A retired emergency room physician answers the questions we've all be asking about the wisdom of hitting the water during these troubling times.

    A trout stream running through a canyon at sunset.

    Editor's note: The following first appeared in Angling Trade magazine. Admittedly, things are moving fast and my own opinions have evolved quite a bit in the past several days especially. But one thing that really sticks out and absolutely warms my heart is the sheer class and integrity of the many people in fly fishing with…

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    Shannon’s Fly and Tackle Shop

    Get behind our TU Business members

    In the same boat These are difficult times. This pandemic has all of us on edge. Millions of us are under lockdown. Millions more are isolating themselves and practicing social distancing, limiting their personal contact with others. It’s a global pandemic, and it’s serious business. In communities across the US and around the world, we’re…

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    Spring Fly Showdown: All hail the Elk-hair Caddis

    The king of all flies? Voters choose the Elk-hair Caddis

    The votes are in, and I must admit, I'm a bit surprised. In a fantasy "tournament" of fishing flies, the Elk-hair Caddis reins supreme. In the recently completed TU-Loon Outdoors Spring Fly Showdown, the venerable bug outlasted the stately Adams in the final matchup. And, honestly, I voted for the Adams. Not that I don't…

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    Spring Fly Showdown: The finals

    The Elk-hair Caddis and the Adams face off for dry-fly bragging rights

    Two classic dry flies square off for all the marbles Twenty flies, two weeks and some intriguing matchups all come to a head today as the Elk-hair Caddis and the Adams face off in the championship match of the TU-Loon Outdoors Spring Fly Showdown. And it's a big day for interested anglers, fly tiers and…