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    Tough year for wildfires … and more to come

    NASA satellite image showing smoke over of the Northwest as of Sept. 5. By Jack Williams This past winter was a wet one where I live in southwest Oregon. “Atmospheric rivers” brought record rain and snow storms to the region. We were not alone. Rains and snows drenched California and built big snowpacks in the…

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    Walking the Talk

    Photo by Robin Kadet Petey jumped in my lap within moments of sitting down. Phil Monahan rescued the little dog when he found him walking alone down a highway. A few things stand out about the Orvis offices in Manchester, Vermont. First, as Petey demonstrated, their offices are very pet-friendly.Second, their street address is “Conservation…

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    TU bids Chief Tidwell a fond farewell

    Tom Tidwell is retiring as Chief of the US Forest Service. It is difficult to overstate the importance of the 191 million acres that the Forest Service manages to trout and salmon. Half of the blue-ribbon trout streams in the country flow across national forests. A vast majority of western native trout and salmon depend…

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    Big Win For Yellowstone River and native cutts

    Here's a little good news for your weekend. A few days ago, a year to the day that tens of thousands of coldwater fish were killed in the Yellowstone River due to low flows, high water temperatures, and associated disease, TU signed an agreement with Kinross—a mining company out of Toronto—that will result in at…

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    Greater Little Mountain: Doing it the right way

    A young pronghorn fawn attempts to avoid detection within the Greater Little Mountain Area in southwest Wyoming. Josh Duplechian/Trout Unlimited By Brett Prettyman “The Little Mountain area is considered by many to be the crown jewel for wildlife and recreation.” Former Wyoming Governor David Freudenthal Special places only stay that way if they are protected.…

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    Of Sons and Walleye

    “Dad, look!” I followed Wylie’s arm and saw a big bald eagle perched in a tree. It was one of 10 sightings that week. Wylie, 13, has grown taller than my 6’2”. When we go back-to-back, it is only a mother who remembers her first baby, and his hyper-competitive brothers who refuse to allow their…