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    “Mending the Line” hits theater audiences tonight

    Mending The Line movie poster

    Anglers should go see it, and encourage their friends and family to also, because the movie captures what fly fishing is really all about. In one way or another, I think anyone who fly fishes does so to heal a part of themselves. Some just understand that’s happening more than others.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSkv_sEyPSc A new motion…

  • From the President Veterans

    Returning Thanks

    Man in river gets fish into net while his old friend watches

    During the Beaver Creek Invitational, veterans understand the therapeutic nature of rivers.   “There is always something therapeutic about being on the water. The river is so beautiful, catching fish becomes a bonus. The amount of support and love given to us veterans is truly amazing. I’m grateful for all the time and energy given by…

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    TU and Kinross Fort Knox team up to take military personnel fishing

    Chris Hunt photo. In fall of 2019, 13 veteran or active-duty members of the Armed Forces in Alaska congregated in the scenic and quiet community of Cantwell to explore and fish Denali State Park. The all-expense-paid trip was the second annual Armed Forces Appreciation Fishing Trip hosted in partnership with Kinross Fort Knox with the help of the guides at Denali Fly Fishing Guides, a TU-endorsed business.    Last year's Armed…

  • Community Featured

    The blue and gold love browns and rainbows

    The Trout Unlimited Service Partnership recently hosted Midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy Fishing and Conservation Club for a day of fly fishing at Maryland's Big Hunting Creek. Supported by volunteers from TU's Potomac-Patuxent, Northern Virginia, and National Capital chapters, equipment from TU Business Partner District Angling, and one heck of a barbecue lunch courtesy…

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    TU Service Partnership steelhead trip a big success

    So what do you get when a Navy veteran mixes together two Army veterans, two state troopers from different states — including one with his elementary school teacher spouse, and a fire fighter/paramedic?  Apparently, you get one heck of a fishing trip. From Nov. 13-15, the Trout Unlimited Service Partnership proudly hosted its first annual…

  • Community TU Business

    Chad Brown from Soul River Runs Deep

    Join me on September 28 – that’s Monday – at 1 PM PDT @troutunlimited when we talk with Chad @soulriverinc about his exciting new “Love Is King” initiative. Clear your calendar and tune in – this will be awesome

    You probably know this guy. If you don’t, you should.  This is my friend Chad Brown -- one of the most remarkable human beings I’ve ever met. Chad is the founder of Soul River Runs Deep, a great TU Business member in Portland, Ore. He’s a decorated US Navy veteran who received multiple honors after…

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    Honor Float

    Paul Zimmerman teaches fly tying to military veterans. At 91 years of age, and as the sole care provider for his wife Patti, he is reluctant to leave her alone. He conducts all of his lessons at his home, an arrangement that’s also convenient for his students, who are often most comfortable with one-on-one engagement and places where calmness and quiet prevail.  “Our situation was different from Vietnam,” says Zimmerman, a…