Upper Midwest Regional Rendezvous Resources

Thank you to the 75+ volunteers who joined us in Illinois for the 2019 Upper Midwest Regional Rendezvous!

We had a great event sharing information, learning from one another, from partners and TU staff and developing strategies and tactics to take home to our local chapters and state councils. As you can see from Rodney Schwartz’ smiling face, we also had some outstanding steelhead and lake run brown trout fishing too!

The following resources and trainings were presented at the regional rendezvous and are linked below to allow you to share them with fellow leaders, refresh yourself, and start growing your local efforts.

Never hesitate to contact your Volunteer Operations Staff for additional help, guidance, or resources.

Upper Midwest Regional Rendezvous Resources

2019 Upper Midwest Regional Rendezvous Agenda

State of the Midwest: Update on the Region

Climate Change Awareness: Building Resiliency & Advocating for Change

Answering Key Uncertainties to Successful Arctic Grayling Reintroduction in Michigan

Bring Grayling Back: How You Can Help

Member Growth & Engagement: Strategies and tactics to Activate and Retain More Members and Supporters

Fundraising 201: Growing Local Revenue Through Grants and Corporate Partnerships

Driving Diversity in Your Chapter: Programs and Activities Proven to Attract Younger and Broader Demographics

Angler Science: Using Science and Monitoring to Drive Your Work

A Case for the Great Lakes: An Initiative of the NLC Workgroup

Angler Advocacy: Templates, Tools and Techniques to Effectively Advocate in Your State

Leadership Development: Growing Your Potential with Focused Volunteer Engagement

TU Who?: Improving Communications

Highland Park Ravines Project: Connecting Kids, Science, and Hands-On Conservation