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Fishing club or conservation group? Asked and answered

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By Chris Wood Are we a conservation organization or a fishing club? That was the question for the Trout Unlimited Deerfield watershed chapter in northwestern Massachusetts when they formed almost ten years ago. Kevin Parsons tells the story: “A buddy approached me and said, ‘Let’s create a TU chapter.’ ‘Fine,’ I said “You be the

Deerfield River Watershed

The Deerfield River Watershed Chapter is committed to the conservation of cold water resources in our catchment area. This includes the mainstem of the Deerfield River and her major tributaries: The Chickley River, Cold River, Clesson Brook, North River, Bear River, South River, Green River as well as her minor tributaries. Our conservation efforts are

TU volunteers monitoring spawning redds and dam sites in Massachusetts

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Members of TU’s Deerfield Watershed chapter work on their redd survey on their home river. The past year has seen TU staff and volunteers in Massachusetts engaged in a variety of efforts in the field.  The Deerfield Watershed chapter had a big year in 2018, particularly with their efforts with a sapwning study in the Deerfield

Habitat work on Crowningshield property withstands flash flood

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By Erin Rodgers Trout Unlimited’s work this field season on the Crowningshield property in Heath, Mass., was put to the test this fall when a torrential rainstorm dumped 5 inches of water on the region. Two bank-stabilizing wood jams put in place to improve trout habitat withstood the deluge and did exactly what they were

Overwatch Outpost

Fly fishing outfitters on the banks of the Deerfield River. With over 2,800 sq ft of retail space, we carry Orvis, Redington, Rio, TFO, Douglas, and more! We also carry camping, hiking and hunting supplies!

Massachusetts brook trout conservation area growing

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Franklin Land Trust recently acquired for conservation 154 acres in Heath, Mass., abutting its 96-acre Crowningshield Conservation Area, also in Heath. The purchase — which took place on June 25, 2020, from the Gudell Family — increases the size of a tract important for protection and conservation of native brook trout. It was supported by funding

New England Newsletter — Highlights of 2020

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You don’t need us to tell you that 2020 was a challenging year. The pandemic created lots of hardships for TU’s field staff in New England, including the postponement of many projects. Always flexible, the New England team did a great job reacting to the difficult situation.

Companies that give back

I am 20 years old; sitting cross-legged on the floor of my dorm room. The words on the page are so freaking clear, but their application remains elusive. “Fly casting makes it possible to deliver a relatively weightless lure or imitation of a living creature on a target, using line weight to develop momentum.” After

TU restoration crew overcomes challenges in VT’s Green Mountains

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Trout Unlimited restoration team members working in Vermont’s Green Mountains this summer faced many challenges.  The team, which was primarily focused on strategically adding wood habitat to streams, frequently found itself dealing with a lot of high flows and intense passing storms.   Despite the tough weather, the team was able to make great progress.  In


Welcome to TroutSpotter! This software uses AI to help fishermen and women identify individual fish from your photos. While identifying your catch is exciting, it can also aid in determining fish migrations, recapture frequency, and population numbers. In 2024, join our community science project in four target watersheds to help establish a groundbreaking fisheries management, scientific,

TU honors 2018 class of conservation award winners

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Recognizing Trout Unlimited’s amazing chapters, volunteers and partners is one of the most important parts of our organization’s annual meeting. This year in Redding, California, two chapters, five volunteers and four partners were singled out for their contributions to Trout Unlimited efforts across the nation. TU’s national conservation awards have been a part of our

Land Conservancy Fund

Trout Unlimited’s Land Conservancy Fund is a matching grant program designed to provide chapters and councils with grants to help with land protection projects, including conservation easements and land trust or agency acquisition and/or ownership of properties that are a priority for native and wild trout and salmon populations. The program is administered by the