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Deerfield River Watershed

The Deerfield River Watershed Chapter is committed to the conservation of cold water resources in our catchment area. This includes the mainstem of the Deerfield River and her major tributaries: The Chickley River, Cold River, Clesson Brook, North River, Bear River, South River, Green River as well as her minor tributaries. Our conservation efforts are

TU and AI

Published in Science

This could empower our entire community of fishers to not only have fun learning more about their fish, but it will also add data to help with science needs like estimating fish population abundance, measuring growth and movement and tracking use of different habitat types.


Welcome to TroutSpotter! This software uses AI to help people identify individual fish from your photos. While identifying your catch is exciting, it can also aid in determining fish migrations, recapture frequency and population numbers. In 2024, join our community science project in four target watersheds to help establish a groundbreaking fisheries management, scientific, and conservation

TU restoration crew overcomes challenges in VT’s Green Mountains

Published in Restoration

Trout Unlimited restoration team members working in Vermont’s Green Mountains this summer faced many challenges.  The team, which was primarily focused on strategically adding wood habitat to streams, frequently found itself dealing with a lot of high flows and intense passing storms.   Despite the tough weather, the team was able to make great progress.  In