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    TU’s Headwaters program fights screen fatigue

    By now we are all familiar with coronavirus symptoms: fever, cough, fatigue, headache, loss of smell. We have all gone to school on pandemics and contagious diseases. Alas, what trying times the last seven months have been for our communities. There are other side effects of the pandemic as well, ones that don’t come with infection and are not as easy to detect. Known as “Zoom fatigue” or “screen…

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    Meet West Michigan’s newest STREAM Girls

    There’s a new class of STREAM Girls to welcome in West Michigan to thanks to Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore, Trout Unlimited, and some amazing dedicated volunteers.   This month 30 Brownies, juniors, and cadettes attended STREAM Girls camp at the Girl Scouts’ Betsy Cutler House located on Bear Creek in Muskegon, Mich.   Girl Scout Brownies with their certificates and patches.  The girls started their day putting on waders…

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    Creek serves as a fun classroom for kids in Michigan

    By Jamie Vaughan Parkside Elementary teacher Tara Dzirbowicz is taking learning from the classroom to the creek this fall as many educators look to the outdoors amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of local Trout Unlimited staff, fifth-grade students from the Rockford, Mich., school recently traded in their sneakers for waders and explored Rum…

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    Hiking the CDT: Old Faithful and goodbye Montana

    Just like that it was time to say goodbye to our friends. We had finished Montana and completed 991 miles of the trail.

    Editor’s Note: The Strawbridge family from Lakeland, Fla., is hiking the length of the Continental Divide Trail – all 3,100 miles of it – from Canada to Mexico. Henry Strawbridge, 14, will be providing updates of their journey to Trout Unlimited as they pass through the historic range of seven native trout species. You can track the…

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    College group and TU team up for brook trout in Maryland

    By Morgan Stum  Trout Unlimited is working with Frostburg State University's AmeriCorps program to restore brook trout habitat in headwater streams in western Maryland. On Oct. 3, 2020, nine members of Frostburg State's ECHOSTARS program joined conservation staff from TU’s Western Maryland Initiative to plant 100 potted trees alongside a small Savage River headwater.   ECHOSTARS is an acronym for Empowering Communities, Helping Others, Service Through Action, Resources and Sustainability. The group is a university division of AmeriCorps where, through volunteerism in local…