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  • 20 Questions Featured

    20 Questions: Jen Ripple

    Jen Ripple, editor and publisher of DUN Magazine, has worked her tail off over the last several years, throwing everything she’s got into her passion and crafting a publication that shows how relevant women really are in the fly-fishing community.

    Editor’s note: Every so often, we’ll put movers and shakers in the fly-fishing world on the spot with our version of the Proust profile questionnaire. We’ve asked our subjects to be brutally honest and as forthright as they choose as they answer questions that might make them think, reminisce and look forward in their lives. And, honestly, some of these…

  • Youth Featured Headwaters

    Observing nature’s food chain as an insider

    If the land is so important to me, then I can only imagine how important the land must be to them. Without conservation, the great Bristol Bay region of Alaska wouldn’t be what it is today

    Trout Unlimited essay grand prize winner Editor’s Note: Trout Unlimited’s annual Teen Essay Contest, like many things impacted by Covid, took on a different look in 2020. Our youth camps across the country were cancelled so we opened up the youth contest to all comers. Ethan Bertini’s entry was picked as the first-place winner by the…

  • Conservation Barriers Featured Restoration Science Western Water and Habitat Program

    Salmon SuperHwy logs 95 miles … and counting

    The project's 2020 Annual Report highlights the power of conservation partnerships to deliver real benefits for coldwater fish and local communities, even in troubled times The Salmon SuperHwy is the largest fish conservation and economic development partnership on the north Oregon coast. Led by Trout Unlimited’s Sarah Zwissler, the SSH program just released its annual…

  • Headwaters Conservation Featured Youth

    STREAM Connections in Oregon provides lessons to enrich communities

    Students across the world have been significantly impacted by feelings of isolation as a result of COVID-19. One method for reducing this impact is motivating students by introducing them to enrichment opportunities taught by local experts. Trout Unlimited and the Middle Deschutes Watershed Council teamed up last fall in Oregon and created a new online…

  • From the field Conservation Featured Restoration

    Reams Construction helps reclaim mine site in southwest Colorado

    Recently, TU partnered Reams Construction on just this type of project. Reams won a competitive bid for the Atlas Mine and Mill reclamation project outside of Ouray, Colo. This project sits on the edge of a 100-year floodplain on Sneffels Creek where the former Atlas Mill stood years ago

    Editor's note: TU works with some extremely talented characters while developing and completing projects in the field that help make fishing better. We are excited to bring you a series highlighting these Contractors. We hire equipment operators, truck drivers, laborers, material suppliers, engineers, technicians, and water testing labs. They are unique, talented, humble and some are downright wild, but TU’s contractors…