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    Take the TU climate change survey

    Take TU's climate change survey and help us direct our future work in this important arena.

    Anglers and conservationists across America, regardless of their affiliation with Trout Unlimited, are invited to participate in TU's new climate change survey. The purpose of the survey, crafted by TU's National Leadership Council workgroup on climate change awareness, is to gather information from America's anglers and conservationists that might help TU better direct its efforts…

  • Science

    New study links human influence to recent megadrought

    Apache and Gila trout face vast new challenges thanks to landscape alterations What do two 19-year intervals separated by four centuries have in common, and what do the similarities mean for native trout? A recent study reconstructed climate for Southwestern North America, including California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, and found the years 1575-1593 and…

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    TU trout population estimation model used for humans

    It’s safe to say no one thought the model created for trout would end up estimating human populations in remote areas of Africa.

    Scientists often use models created by others to do conservation work, but sometimes they create new methods to obtain specific information for their needs. Trout Unlimited scientists recently collaborated with a group of outside scientists to estimate abundances for trout populations across the entire range of a threatened Lahontan cutthroat. It’s safe to say no…

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    TU lead scientist recognized by American Fisheries Society

    By Dan Dauwalter Helen Neville is a juggernaut in native trout conservation, science and life Dr. Helen Neville, Trout Unlimited’s senior scientist, was recognized this week by the Western Division of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) with the Award of Merit. The award is given to AFS members who have made positive and regionally significant contributions to…

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    Science panel excited about numbers on Yellowstone Lake

    By Dave Sweet “Victory on Yellowstone Lake is within our grasp!” Those words came from Dr. Michael Hansen during the Science Review Panel meetings held last week on the Yellowstone Cutthroat Recovery in Yellowstone Lake project. Hansen is the recently retired supervisory research fisheries biologist for the Great Lakes Science Center of the United States…

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    Counting fish in your PJs

    Monitoring steelhead and salmon using sonar

    TU's Dean Finnerty checks on sonar equipment that counts fish moving up a southwest Oregon river.

    Collecting salmon and steelhead population data through the outbreak Trout Unlimited members can take comfort that, despite the dramatic upheaval in our human lives over the past few months, salmon and steelhead are unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic. Except, perhaps, by a big drop-off in angling pressure as many states close or restrict access to…

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    New StoryMap highlights Tippy Dam project in Michigan

    Highlights of the important restoration work on the Manistee

    Trout Unlimited has produced an informative ArcGIS StoryMap highlighting an important 2019 restoration project on Michigan's Manistee River.TU, the Forest Service, Huron-Manistee National Forest and other partners completed Phase I of a multi-year project aimed to restore the severely eroded banks of the Manistee River below Tippy Dam in Wellston. The project site, known locally…