Distilled Results of Climate Change Survey

In April, 2014, in a baseline survey of Volunteer Leaders 78% responded that climate change is real, and 50% said it was human caused. Most importantly, 74% said climate change is or may be affecting trout habitat. After two years of developing and implementing climate change awareness tools, a survey of TU’s general membership was conducted. In that April 2017 survey 85% said climate change is real, 76% said human activity was involved and 74% said climate change is a significant problem. In 2018, more than fifty TU Business partners completed a business-focused survey. More than 80% said climate change was a strong or moderately strong concern for their business interests. Almost two-thirds are currently seeing evidence of the changing climate where they operate their businesses. More than half have changed the way they operate in response to changing climate conditions. More than 90% of their clients view climate change as a concern.